Cloud-based materials simulation web platform

Materials Square

Materials Square is a web platform for materials simulation.

From modeling to computational sources,
everything for materials simulation is implemented on the MatSQ website.

Why MatSQ?

The easiest and most reliable way to start materials simulation

Density Functional Theory, Molecular Dynamics, and Calphad calculation can be done immediately on the web after signing up for free.

band structure
charge density
calphad phase diagram

Free Webinar for Users

Learn basic theories of DFT/MD/Calphad and how to perform simulation using various modules installed in MatSQ, such as Quantum Espresso, LAMMPS, and Open Calphad. For registration and more information on the monthly webinar, please check the MatSQ tech blog, and check the previous webinar on the MatSQ Youtube channel.

Using Materials Square in the DFT calculations was greatly beneficial to support our observations and claims, and the modeling results were in complete agreement with the experimental analysis.

Safa Haghighat

Ph.d. candidates
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Need User Training?

You can book in real time on matsq bookable calendar and receive training through 1: 1, groups, visits or online.