Customized simulation platform framework


A framework that allows users to create their own simulation platform

Using SimPL, a framework for developing a simulation platform of Virtual Lab developed with Korea Institute of Science and Technology, you can build your own simulation platform with desired functions within a reasonable period of time.


Plugin Builder

- Python(2/3) based back-end code development environment

- Built-in functions to communicate with server-side environments (scheduler, DBMS and solvers)

Page Builder

- Layout builder with WYSIWYG editor

- Built-in functions to communicate with SimPL Plugin


- Open-source repository to share

- SimPL Plugins/Pages

Built-in CMS Functions

- User Management

- Statistics

- Scheduler & Job

- Solver Management

Why SimPL?

Users can create a customized simulation platform equipped with only the features you need.

If using an external simulation platform is limited due to specific methodologies, licenses, security regulations, etc., You can easily create a simulation platform tailored to your needs.


Create your own platform.

We can create a simulation platform of your choice in a reasonable time according to your special requirements such as security regulations and specific methodology.