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We started this business to break barriers and help everyone do their own simulation in easy-to-learn and user-friendly web environment.

Our proprietary web-based simulation service 'Materials Square', designed with an intuitive interface to the computing environment of the cloud server, provides a 'comprehensive integrated simulation environment offering service' that only pays for services of using.

Also, We provides 'MAXFlops', a cloud-ready HPC service that can run jobs immediately without waiting for and scheduling, can dramatically shorten data-base research time in future R&D research environment.

Currently, We has core technologies of web-based simulation platform and participates actively as a developer of a platform for national R & D tasks.

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Materials Square

Web-based Materials Simulation Platform

Easy-to-use Simulation Environment
- Provide Free Essential functions, such as the fabrication of a complex structure and the post-processing of a result.
Robust Analysis Tools
- Directly check the calculation result on the web without complex post-processing. - Provide an optimized visualization method for various result data.
Low cost based only on computation
- "Pay as you go" pricing policy.
- Only pay the amount for calculation using Cloud HPC.
(Got a Patent "Control server, system and method for providing computational science services" in May 3rd 2016.)
Free user training
- Provide free user training for who want to use MatSQ
(available only in Korea now).
Our Services. 02


Unlimited Cloud HPC Soultion

No limit with Cloud HPC
- All work can be run immediately without waiting and scheduling, which can dramatically shorten the time spent in data foundation research.
High-performance hardware periodically upgraded
- With the MAXFlops, which can be flexibly used as needed, there is no need for idle resource management or maintenance.
- Includes High-end CPU, large memory, latest GPU, etc.
Free features
- Material modeling, pre / post processing, and commercial material simulation software-level dedicated computational science platform can be used with MAXFlops.
- Integration with Materials Square, a material simulation web platform, enables cost-free modeling and analysis interfaces.
Reasonable Pricing
- The billing system measured in seconds enables the most efficient use of computer resources.($5 per 1 server hour)
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