Professional Consulting

Solve a material problem you are facing through professional consulting with Virtual Lab’s material simulation experts.

Virtual Lab professional consulting offers a comprehensive and systematic solution.

In addition to introducing material simulation, experts organize and collect data to analyze. And use machine learning to derive meaningful results.

Why MatSQ Consulting?

Design unknown material with minimal cost and time

The most basic structure of atomic units in a material has a decisive influence on the materials properties. By analyzing the structure of the unknown material and predicting its properties, you can design the material rationally.

Analyze the root cause of the problem that occurred in the material

By analyzing the structure and properties of atomic units, you can fundamentally understand problems occurring in materials or physical and chemical phenomena.

Find the variables that lead to optimal performance

You can understand which variables are influencing material design and process optimization. And you can predict the desired goal according to the variable.

Optimize process design using machine learning

By analyzing factory/experimental data and predicting physical properties through machine learning, it is possible to improve yield and optimize processes.

Solve various material problems with Virtual Lab consulting​

Semiconductor   |   Catalyst   |  Thermoelectric   |   Polymer   |   Steel   |   HEA   |   Ni-alloy Nanopowders

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소재 R&D 전문 컨설팅 - postech-40h
소재 R&D 전문 컨설팅 홍익대학교-40h
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Meet the Virtual Lab's Consultants

Young-kwang Kim Ph.D.

Professional Consultant


  • Analyses for materials phenomena using computational techiniques(CALPHAD/MD/DFT/MatCalc/CFD)
  • Design and fabrication of new materials using computational techniques and machine learning.


M. S. /Ph.D.
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering,
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Advisor: Prof. Byeong-Joo Lee
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering,
Pohang University of Science and Technology


2019. 09 – Present
Virtual Lab Professional Consultant
Visiting Researcher, Department of Applied Science, Kyung Hee University
2018. 08 – 2019. 08
Dept. Advanced Aerospace Materials Center, Pohang University of Science and Technology

Jung-a Ryou Ph.D.

B2B Professional Consultant


Computational simulations (DFT/MD)
  • Analysis of atomic and electronic structures of organic/inorganic materials
  • Research on the development and application of new materials (Semiconductor,Display)


M. S. /Ph.D.
Dept. of Physics, Sejong University
Advisor: Prof. Suklyun Hong
Dept. of Physics, Sejong University


2020. 12 – Present
Virtual Lab B2B Professional Consultant
2018. 01 – 2019. 12
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology EEWS
2014. 10 – 2017. 09
Quantum Technology Insutitute, Korea Research Instuitute of Standards and Science

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