MAXFlops is an unlimited cloud HPC solution for material researchers who use as many servers as they need, and pay only for what they use.

Maxflops is a cloud HPC (High-Performance Computer) solution that provides the infrastructure required for simulation R&D according to demand.

It provides an unlimited cloud computing environment for researchers’ simulation-based R&D, including the latest specification computing resources and optimized computing environment.
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Why MAXFlops?

Researchers can focus on their research

A large-scale computing environment, such as renting an entire super computing center for a short period of time, not only significantly shortens the researcher’s R&D time, but also reduces the operational burden, allowing the researcher to focus entirely on the research.

The most reasonable way for research

Since there is no need for maintenance and you only pay for what you use by borrowing as much as you need, you can optimize your infrastructure operation in the most reasonable way.



MAXFlops provides customers with a variety of cloud-based functions.


You can easily search for API key issuance, inquiry, and job history for each user on the web, and provide an environment for bulk job submission and download through Python and Bash scripts through MAXFlops API.

Free Materials Simulation

You can perform material simulation for free by linking with Materials Square, which is another service of Virtual Lab’s cloud-based material simulation platform.

Efficient computer resource management

The most efficient use of computer resources is possible through a MAXFlops billing system that is measured in seconds. With MAXFlop, there is no longer any wasted or maintenance burden due to neglect of idle resources.

Need more information about MAXFlops?

For detailed information about MAXFlops, such as features and pricing, please visit the MAXFlops website.