Materials Square

Materials Square is a cloud-based material simulation platform. MatSQ contains an intuitive user interface and cloud environment, so anyone can start materials simulation immediately.

Materials Square is a cloud-based material simulation platform that anyone can make the simulation.

Materials Square provides everything for materials simulation with a user-friendly interface on the cloud.
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Why Materials Square?

The easiest way to introduce material simulation.

No worries about expensive software, server installation and maintenance, and knowledge of a Linux-based usage environment. Materials Square allows you to start materials simulation immediately in a cloud-based, user-friendly web environment.

The most reasonable with a cloud-based computing environment.

Quantum Espresso, LAMMPS, and Open CALPHAD, the renowned calculation codes for material simulation, are implemented with a intuitive UI for anyone to use easily. The calculations are submitted to the cloud server without queueing, and you pay only for what you use.

Powerful Features

Materials Square provides powerful features at a reasonable price.

Free Features

Register MatSQ for free, then you can use various features for free.
From atomic/molecular modeling to data pre/post-processing, Check out the features that you can use for free!


If you submit a calculation on MatSQ, it will be immediately submitted to the cloud server without queueing. The cost is $0.25 per core hour(DFT/MD) or up to $2 per phase diagram(Calphad) and deducted from pre-chared credits.


Need any advice for your technical or scientific questions while using the service? Virtual Lab’s materials researchers can solve your problems. 1:1 user training(one time) is available for free of charge to users who pay for the service.

Using Materials Square in the DFT calculations was greatly beneficial to support our observations and claims. And the modeling results were in complete agreement with the experimental analysis.

Need more information about Materials Square?

Check out the pricing  policy or other detailed information on MatSQ website.