Materials Square Education

Materials Square Education is a cloud-based materials simulation education platform.
This service is currently only available in Korean.

Materials Square Education(MatSQ Edu) is a cloud-based materials simulation education platform.

You can learn basic theories of materials simulation, machine learning for materials development, semiconductors, catalysts, energy, metallurgy, and quantum dots, as well as practical high-quality lectures are provided.
materials square education service
Why MatSQ Edu?

You can learn material simulation in a short period of time through hands-on focused lectures.

MatSQ Edu provides 7 fields and 174 lectures.

Field 1

Simulation methodology

  • Density Functional Theory
  • Molecular Dynamics

Field 2

Machine learning-based material development
  • Machine learning coding(Materials)
  • Materials property precition

Field 3

  • Band gap engineering
  • Low-dimensional matter
  • Optical properties

Field 4


  • Solar cell semiconductor
  • Lithium ion anode material
  • Photocatalytic material design
  • Hydrogen energy production

Field 5


  • ORR/NRR for hydrogen energy
  • Fine dust reduction SCR
  • Nano alloy catalyst

Field 6

  • Shape memory alloy analysis
  • Hydrogen separation membrane design
  • Thermodynamics of metals
  • Mechanical properties of metals

Field 7

Quantum Dot

  • Quantum dot simulation
  • Transparent electrode materials

Need more information?

MatSQ Edu is currently only available in Korean. Content in English will be uploaded soon.

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