Virtual Lab provides an environment where researchers can simulate materials in an optimal environment.

We’ve developed services that allow anyone to introduce material simulation by lowering the barrier to material simulation. Meet our various cloud-based materials simulation services.


The most convenient and efficient services for researchers based on Virtual Lab's R&D experience and cutting-edge IT technology

Materials Square

Materials Square is a cloud-based materials simulation platform. MatSQ provides a user-friendly web interface and cloud environment to easily introduce material simulation, which was difficult to adopt due to the high barrier to entry.

Materials Square Education

Materials Square Education is a material simulation education platform. You can learn from the basis of material simulation, to material simulation in the future core industry. MatSQ Edu provide 7 subjects and 174 classes.


Maxflops is a cloud HPC solution. It supply the computing resources with a cloud required for simulation-based R&D. You can use the latest specification computing server and optimized computing environment, according to your demand.

Professional Consulting

Virtual Lab's materials simulation experts are ready to solve the problems you are facing. We not only introduce material simulation, but also give a general and systematic solution using data systematization, collection, utilization, and machine learning.


Virtual Lab Inc.

Based on the experience from the Computational Science Center of Korea Institute of Science and Technology. Our goal is to offer researchers with the most necessary research environment based on their abundant R&D experience and cutting-edge IT technology.


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